What is Blowned?


blowned is to superstoned like blowed.

originally from riverside ca. cus we like the way it sounds more than "blowed." it comes out the nasal passage nicely. bloooowwwnned

and a mixture of blown and blowed.

before: lets get blowned.

during: im so blowned.

after: fuuuuck im still blowned.

See blowed, blown, crunk, faded, gone


When a female gives you rough oral sex and you wake up in the morning to find that your penis has marks or bruises on it.

This word is a combination of "blow" and "owned".

Person 1-

I was with this girl from work last night. We both got pretty drunk, we started making out, and then she went down on me. It was one of the most painful blowjobs ever. Teeth, too rough, etc. Now this morning I woke up and checked out my pen0r and its like black and blue around the tip, badly bruised.

person 2-

You got blowned.

See blow, job, bj, sex, oral, apples, marked, rough, pen0r


variation of ownedor own3dpertaining specifically to machines; totally, permanently, completely, fucked.

a combination of owned(destroyed) and blown (as in blown-up.)

see also fubar

"dude, your ride got blowned."

"dude, i ran it out of oil."



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