What is Blubble?


Air that is trapped in your rectum before you release it.

Boy, I shure felt the blubble before I cut one!



A squishy pillow thing!! made up of squishered styrofoam and spandex.

Kid: Mommy! Guess hwat guess what? I wanna go to the store and buy a blubble!!

Mom: *ignoring child*

Kid: MOM!

Mom: WHAT?!

Kid: I wanna BLUBBLE!

Mom: How wonderful.

See Jenny


pink elephants

purple dinosaurs

fo shizzlemy nizzle

u suck eggs plz


and y r u searching "blubble" anyway u perv!!!!!!

fo shizzle my blubble!

y r u tryin to take my blubble?!?!, it MINE!!, Mine i say!!, MINE!!! u can't take it from me, NNNOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!

cuz it's mine!


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