What is Bradley?


A BADASS MOTHA FUCKA with a very large penis

and is great in bed.

Girl: wow! you were a total bradley in bed, hope we can do it again.

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When a police officer sticks his baton up your butt to check for drugs.

officer1 "Did you give that kid a bradley?"

officer2 "Yes I did"

See stick in the mud, stick


a person who takes advantage of other people.

"he just left you hanging?"

"what a bradley kind of move."

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The coolest kid in San Diego.

Also known as "B-Rad" or "Braid-Y"

Girl #1:"you know that guy bradley?"

Girl #2: "yeah. he is finee!!"

Girl #1:"i wouldnt mind if he put his keys in my car"

Girl #2: "gurlllll... hes mine"

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Sacrificial Animal

Usually slaughtered in a ceremonial way.

One who is lowered into a pit of fire

Boy 1: Yo, would someone kill that fucking Bradley already

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a person who often retracts himself from social events, usually because of a family obligation

omg! you're being such a bradley!

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Variation of the word rad. Since in certain situations rad can be used to refer to something good or something bad, words were needed to differentiate between the two. "Bradley" originally started out as "brad" (as it meant rad in a bad way, ie. bad-rad), but evolved into "bradley".

Guy1: You know those girls from the beach? ____ thinks your hot.

Guy2: That's bradley. Her cousin was hot, why can't she be into me instead?

See rad, grady, bad, good, unfortunate


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