What is Brownballed?


Any denial of toilet services when a bowel movement is eminent.

This can occur for any of the following reasons:

1. Bathroom stall is already occupied

2. Adjacent stall is occupied (only applies to shy B.M'rs)

3. Toilet is dirty

4. Bathroom being cleaned

5. Toilet paper empty

Brownballing CAN occur mid-session. For instance, if you're mid-way through a loaf, and someone walks into the adjacent stall and forces you to halt got Brownballed.

Note: this does not apply to SELF denial of toilet services (ie. constapation, phone calls, etc.)

"I totally had to take a dump, but when I went into the bathroom, some jackass was already in the stall! I had to leave! Totally got Brownballed!"

See brownball, bathroom, shy


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