What is Brownies?


very fun but hard to make it all go well as planned but really fun if there is weed in it!

MArijuana brownies are very fun, and are not overrated but they are very hard to make and keep all good, they are very expensive, andthey are cool!


a slang term for bags of heroin.

Yo dude, I'm headin' down to the bake shop, you want any brownies?

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garden gloves used by gangbangers for fighting and shooting.

Chek it cuzzin we bout 2 roll on some b-dogs get those brownies on.

See gloves, crip, blood


Code name for Smoking a Blunt of Weed. Weed: Brownies, Seeds: Nuts, Stems: Choco Chunks, Sack: Package, Blunt: Stirring stick.

Customer: You got a $10 package of brownies with no nut and choco chunks I can get.

Dealer: Yeah and he's a stirring stick for it too.

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a title reserved for a female with a cute face and phat booty

damn brownies back that thing up one more time!

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when you take a runny shit in a cake pan and let it sit over night you get "brownies"

Plop. The shit just hit the fan.

No it hit the pan, dogg. We havin brownies tonight!


the act of a woman giving a man oral sex.

Whoa, your mom just gave me some great brownies.


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