What is Brw?


Bitches Runnin Wild- random crazy hoes, usually in a sorority, actin a fool in my house

There were so many dumb, drunk BRWs at the party last night. Shit

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Descending from a south park episode where the mood is killed and a record stops making the sound b-rrwww

started at tynecastle high school.

1 - Brrwwwwwww How bad is mikolunis

2- Oh My Brw instead of oh my god

3- Brww Spewing in Malia Every Night

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Pronouced "buh-ROO"

1. It is an expresion of sad annoyance.

1) Aw, brw, I was really looking fowards to winning bingo for once.


Abbreviation for Babelicious and Raunchy Woman - a female of exceptional beauty, style, grace and personality.Supermodel like.

'Whoa Dude, check out that BRW!! She's hot!'

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