Bull Dog

What is Bull Dog?


The act of puting ones balls between their legs and preceding to moon sombody.

Dude, im totally going to bull dog that car.


A complete freak that lives in a village in Cornwall called Millbrook. Millbrook is situated across the river Tamar near the glorious city of Plymouth, England

Bull Dog is a large in-bred male who is famous for killing two people with his bare hands and for having his penis removed when inserting it into a hoover.

Bull Dog will never die and weighs well over 40 stone! His voice is very high pitched and is usually mistaken for a bat... A FAT one!

Bull Dog gets his name as he kinda resembles a bore pig??!!

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When a womans face looks like a bull dog

Renae long looks like a bull dog and is dating ben.

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A term used to described either a male or female who is vicious, merciless...otherwise not to be fucked around with.

Yo son, that foo is a bull dog.


Someone that is a bullly and treats you like dirt.

Erica was a bull dog because she would always pick on me.

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an ugly mutt with saggy cheeks and bulging eyes, often tends to suddenly lash out at unsuspecting victims

a.k.a Mrs morrison the french teacher


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