What is Burlingame?


A cool place, home to a high school, 5 elementary schools, and 1 middle school. Known as B-game and jokingly the ghetto of Hillsborough because it's really not even close to a ghetto. It's located in the bay area of California. Is were the Hillsborough kids shop even though they think their better than Burlingame kids most of the time.

Dude, we were chillin' in Burlingame the other day...

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1. A nice small town with a low crime rate, good restaurants, some good places to shop.

2. It also has a good public highschool in Burlingame High School, and a good private, all girls highschool in Mercy High School.

3. The only real problem with Burlingame is that it's overun with preppy teenagers, and wankster teenagers who all really need to cut the dumb shit.

4. A lot of drugs go around Burlingame, but mostly crappy weed sold by shitty wankster dealers who hang around outside Oak Grove Market.

5. There are also a lot of bad skaters and bad taggers in Burlingame who do stupid shit like tag school desks.

6. The most awesome person in Burlingame is Randy, the black staff worker at BHS.

1. I live in the nice town of Burlingame.

2. I go to Burlingame High School.

3. The rich burlingame kid was arguing with the rich burlingame kid who thought he was ghetto.

4. The kids in burlingame were wasting the opporotunities they had in life by doing a lot of drugs. The saddest part is that the drugs were really bad quality.

5. A dumbass Burlingame tagger tried to fight me the other day because I crossed out his dumbass tag on my desk.

6. Randy yelled at the dumbass kid talking during detention.

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A small, rich town in San Mateo County filled with preppy teenagers and their wealthy parents. The town has 5 middle schools and two highschools. Many residents spend their weekends shopping on Burliname Ave. Houses are extremely expensive, but overall it is a great place to live.

Lets go to Matt's sprawling expansive manse in Burlingame tonight

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A "game" of high risk; a situation where one might potentially be burled, or suffer grave consequences.

*this term is often confused with the pinnercity of Burlingame.

He's out this late? With all those Phoenix rats looking for him? Damn, doi... he's playin the burlingame.

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