What is C?


C is for cookie, that's good enough for me.

when you take a bite from a cookie, it looks like a C


An extremely powerful computer language on which the foundations of most other mid-level and RAD languages are based. Although it is not object-oriented like C++ and Java, it compiles into tighter code that occupies less space. It is used most frequently for applications designed to run in tight conditions, such as on a computer with a slow CPU and/or a small amount of memory. It is also closer to assembly language than it is to mid-level languages (on the spectrum of computer languages, C is toward the low end of the mid-level languages), making it more difficult to fully master than most languages.

//a more interesting Hello World program

#include <stdio.h>

typedef struct {

int x;

char c50;

void (*func)(char*);



void draw(char* s) {



void main(void) {


sprintf(ms.c,"Hello World (for the ")

switch (ms.x%10) {

case 1:

sprintf(ms.c+21,"%dst time",ms.x);


case 2:

sprintf(ms.c+21,"%dnd time",ms.x);


case 3:

sprintf(ms.c+21,"%drd time",ms.x);



sprintf(ms.c+21,"%dth time",ms.x);








Chemical Symbol for Carbon.

Carbon, C, has an Atomic Number of 6, and an Atomic Weight of 12.011.


Denotes the speed of light.

"She can't take much more, Cap'n! We're at .8 c now!"

See tradesman


The best answer to choose in a multiple choice question if u dont know it!

(Also if the questions asks u to write the answer down, u can always change the C into the letter a, b, or d! That way u can complain to the teacher that he/she marked the test wrong!) LOL ITS PERFECTSSS

Retard: AHH fuck i dunno the answer to this question!

Other retard: When in doubt choose C!

Retard: I SEE!!

Smart Kid: If u study before u dont have to use C!

Retards: Smacks him in the head STFU nerd!

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1)The note directly to the left of any group of two black keys - or the second note to the right of a system of three black keys - on a piano keyboard.

2)The letter directly to the left of "v" - or directly to the right of "x" - on a computer keyboard.

3)One of many large bodies of water on the earth. Claims have been made that there are only seven, but those claimes refer to oceans rather than c's.

4)The act of viewing something with the human eye.

5)The third letter in the English alphabet.

6)In music, the key in which there are no sharps or flats in the key signature.

1)c-->*****<--c (=white key, *=black key)

2) xc v(?=key on the keyboard)

3)A sailer sailed on the more than seven c's.

4)I c you.


6)Play that in the key of C.


Crack - obviously just the first letter used as crack heads cant use there energy on saying whole words, they need it to bun.

Cat: yo man you got any C?

Dealer: no, fuck off

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