What is Chapoodle?


A small wonder of a girl, who most times is socially inept and unable to talk to men. Tends to not use the letter "R" when speaking. She has the hair of a poodle and the personaltiy of a chiuaua on crystal meth. She is charming in her own way and you can't help but love her whilest hating her for being slightly retarded.

SHe cannot process wheat or sugar and red food dye might kill her but when she binges she binges hard and long, and if you get in her way there is a good chance you will loose an appendage.

Don't stop and stare for too long though for she might hump your leg.

"That girl looks like a straight up chapoodle"

"HE WAS MOE DIFWENTLY HOT" as said by a chapoodle

See chiuaua, sir


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