Come To Hood

What is Come To Hood?



a suggestion that the addressee should come to a lesbian bar

not to be confused with "come to the hood," to suggest coming to a neighborhood or part of town.

Hood-the name of the bar, references a part of the female anatomy, which other females of the persuasion would certainly like to come too (as in also).

“Hey Ellen, Rosie, come to hood!”

Two friends are walking along and see two women. The women are wearing t-shirts with similar sporting events (softball, volleyball, soccer regional champs) proudly displayed on the front and a list of games on the back. The shirt is usually tucked into a pair of long, possibly men's shorts. For shoewear, a pair of sandals or tennis shoes will do, ankle socks are acceptable with either. Possible accessories include: Oakley sunglasses (w/strap), a strange necklace, and a sporty watch. One friend turns to the other and says, "Come to Hood." The friends laugh like idiots. They are probably the only two people who know the meaning

See lesbian, dyke, gay, homosexual, bar


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