What is C.u.n.t.?


Can't Understand Normal Thinking. See cunt.

You know why we call them cunts, it stands for "Can't Understand Normal Thinking"!

See Eric


Spoken acronym using the first two letters phonetically as in "see" and "you" to complete the phrase "see-you-next-tuesday" thereby cleverly insinuating C-U-Next-Tuesday. Applied to situations where saying "cunt" plainly would be offensive.

Recently used in an episode of Family Guy, character Peter refers to a female character as "a real C-U-Next-Tuesday" (i.e. C.U.N.T.) thereby in fact calling her a "cunt" on national T.V.

See lesbian, dyke, cunt, bitch, pussy


First name that Austin Peay State University, of Clarksville, TN persued--- Cumberland University of Northern Tennessee.

Couldn't you see the women's basketball uniforms with C.U.N.T. written across the front?

See cunt, pussy, muff burger, taco



that stands for:





I dont know why you waste your time trying to explain anything to that C.U.N.T. Its a waste of your time, they Cant Understand Normal Thinking.

See stupid, retard, fuckup


This term is also an acronymn which by definition is the proclomation used to describe women as this body part because at this point the woman is only good for having sex because she is dumb. Can't Understand Normal Thinking

what a dumb C.U.N.T.!!!

See bitch, slut, pussy, whore, dummy


Coins Under Notes Thanks

When handed your change in a badly staffed supermarket chain, the sour faced till staff drops a receipt, a fiver that looks like it has been up his/her arse and then drops the coins uncaringly on top so as you are stuck with a ball of money and the inability to seperate them as your other hand is pre-occupied with your shopping.

Just say:

"Coins Under Notes Thanks! That way I can keep the metal seperate from the paper just as most wallets allow.You fucking piece of tit shit"

That way you can call them a C.U.N.T. without them knowing! And then punch their fucking teeth out of their sad moon face

See c.u.n.t, cunt, coop, change, supermarket, drugs, fanny


Cannot Understand Normal Thinking. Can refer to both male and female. Usually female.

My girlfriend is a C.U.N.T. She has no common sense.

See psyco, ditz, schizophrenia, ditzy


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