What is Czerka?


1. The name was originally used in Star Warsand the Czerka Corporation was aligned with the Sith, this alliance later causing the company to change its name to Czerka Arms.

2. Today, there is a real Czerka Industries (no connection with the ficticious Star Wars one), with operatives worldwide. It is an evil corporation bent on global domination and acknowledged by the US FBI. Czerka purveys " parodyand satirealong with undeniable truths" via "unorthodox methods such as scare-tactics, propaganda, oppression, subliminal messages, and timed press-releases to spread global fear of (their) presence - Don't be overly alarmed." Czerka is also known to work with SORP, Meet Cleaver Theater, and Iron Phanux.

This message brought to you by Czerka Industries.

There is no vaccine.

There is no escape.

There is no hope.

There is only Czerka Industries.

See evil, corporation, global domination


A warrior or warlock of tremendous power and ego.

Someone so full of themselves, cunning, and assertive that respect is gained from members of a group while alienating others.

Defecto is trying so hard to be a Czerka, but no one listens to him.

See assertive, aggresive, sincere, cunning, sly, rebellious


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