D Day

What is D Day?


D Day, also known as Day of days, or operation overlord, took place during World war 2, on June 6th, 1944. After taking over North Africa, Sicily, and Italy from the Axis forces, the allies needed a new front to fight on, in order to retake the continent of Europe from the Nazi's.

D day, or Operations overlord, was a highly planned military operation, that initially involved over 155,000 soldiers on the 1st day, to invade the northern coast of France, at Normandy. 5 Beaches were to be taken and secured on the 1st day.

Omaha Beach- American forces

Utah Beach- American forces

Juno Beach- Canadain forces

Sword Beach- British forces

Gold Beach- British forces

after the beaches were secured, a mass amount of troops and supplies were to be loaded onto the beaches, and over a million soldiers would be shipped into normandy. The nazis were tricked into believing the invasion would come at Pas-De-Calais, the narrowest part of the English channel, in perfect weather conditions, however the opposite happened. British, American, and Canadian paratroopers were also sent in that morning around 2:00 am, and were to take the town St.Mere Eglise, along with other objectives. perhaps the most devastating beach to land on was Omaha beach, thousands of american troops died from MG-42 fire, many before they even got off the landing craft.

D day was the largest amphibious invasion in human history, that was an overall sucess.

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The word D Day is most commonly known as being of historical meaning. However it is also a common nickname given to Wooldridges.

D Day has gone up the Dridge

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Hooters who attacked the Germans to liberate the French!

You having a d day guys

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