What is Desperation In A Female?


A woman trying to hold on to something that is no longer there in terms of a relationship and has not come to the point of letting it go.

Some of the signs include: managing

pages on networking sites such as myspace and blogspot and posting OLD pictures of the former couple to make them look like they are still together and posts tidbits about their life together, despite the fact that he left a long time ago.

She also gains friends and talks of nothing else except the personal lives of the former couple because the friends have no idea they have split up.

She also dotes attention on her animals as though they are her children. She is also a micro-manager. She thinks everything he does and after two dates,

she already says "I LOVE YOU".

A woman like this is never without a relationship. Each man is different.

She has started to post old pictures? That is the first sign of desperation (in a female)!

See desperate, desperation, obsessive, micromanager, depressed


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