What is Dickings?


An act of sexual intercourse, stated by a male in terms of giving, as opposed to the use of the word by a female, which would be in terms receiving.

Adjectives are also used in conjunction with the word in order to give it a personal "flavoring". While the adjective may prove to actually be adding more insight into the usage of the word (For example Dead Dickings could be an instance of sexual intercourse where the male fails to get an erection), Dickings are generally acknowledged by the majority to simply be Dickings in the general sense, regardless of whatever descriptor that may be tacked on in it's usage.

John, being the rather whorish character that he is, is always trying to give out his so called "rage inducing" dickings to the ladies, who more often than not decline his perverted offer.

Beth had recieved many dickings this last summer by several different guys, much to the disgust of her close friends.

See sex, dicking, sexual, intercourse


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