What is Doing A James Mcgrath?


A Famous underground niche video shot at the Chafford Hundred Campus. Now distributed via Peer to peer torrenting websites.

It is a dramatization of when he was caught by his mother whilst masturbating in a closet. This video also includes many other satirical sketches and comedy plots.

James is often seen in London underground circuits retelling the story to anybody who will listen.

The term can be used as an alternative for anybody who is caught masturbating or "avin a bash".

"LOL hey martin, did you hear about joe shea? He was caught doing a James Mcgrath, his mum came in to restock the towels. Hes moved out now because of the shame, cant look his mum in the eye now"

See wanking, james, willy, ur mum, boi, lakeside, bash, campus, pussy, cum, jizz, fart, jerking the gerkin


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