Drama Nerd

What is Drama Nerd?


Spends lots of time in greenroom, sold soul to spring musical, knows that a paint brush cant be clean until clear water runs through it, can sing every song on rent soundtrack, feels most at home in the middle of a stage, eyes and skin burn when in direct sunlight as a cause of being inside a theatre too much, likes to defy assistant managers, people person, live off of energy drinks, mooch off of everyone for food.

Drama nerds really are the shit.

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One who spends excessive amounts of time on Drama Classes and/or Dramatic plays


One who spends a lot of time in Dramatic endevors. Often hangs out with other Drama nerds

A groups of Drama nerds is called a Drama Troupe


A person who is inlove with the Theatrical Arts.

You know..ays and stuff.

Will most-likely be taking Theatre &/or Publishing in University. And is most-likely intelligent.

Most Drama Nerds are caught wearing Sceneor Indie type clothes.

But the choice in styleDOSE vary. (very much)

Some are friendly and outgoing, some keep to themselves and some just have certain people that they talk to.(most-likely other drama nerds)

Drama Nerds are actually very intressting.

{Scene: during a presentation promoting a University}

{Mike & Nicksy(the drama nerd)}

Mike: Psst. hey Nicksy...

Nicksy: (looking forward attentively) What mike...

Mike: What courses are you going to take?

Nicksy: (without hesitation) Theatre and Publishing...you?

Mike: Oh uh...yeah I might take those too. I'm SO into Drama.

{Mike dosen't know a thing about Drama, infact hates plays to death. He's just madly inlove with Nicksy}

Nicksy: Really? Seeing that you love Drama so much where were you at the Spring musical auditions today? I know it was the only thing going on during lunch, and I made sure to get the P.A. kid to announce it all week.

Mike: Uhh...errm. You see..uh.

Nicksy: You also didn't sign-up for the free tour of that major Art school downtown. Wats up with that?

Mike: Uhh. (turns away and stops talking feeling like a complete idiot)

(Nicksy the drama nerd acknowledges his tardness and smiles to herself)

{End of Scene}

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A middle school or high school student that is actively involved in the theatre department at their school. They usually don't have a set "dress code" but dress however they like and usually don't get teased about it by others outside or inside the department because of their down to earth, intelligent, hardworking persona! They usually have extended vocabularies, can resite a shakespearian salilique on command, always have their keys attached to a key chain on their belt loops! They also prefer to hang out in the theatre/ drama room at snack, lunch and after school (because of rehersal!) Usually know such words as "stage right/ left", "up/ down stage" , "apron", "sililique", "thespian", " blocking", "upstaging", "warm-ups", "safety pins"!!! They have seen many, many, many, musicals and plays...for fun! Go to drama festivals to compete in various catigories such as "classical scenes" "comedic classic scenes"...etc! Usually spend their times on the bus on the way to the festivals having group sing a longs to various broadway soundtracks ( all in perfect harmony)!!has been to at least ten or more plays/ musicals! Actually knows who Patti LuPone, Robert Gule, Michael Crawford, Sarah Brightmen, Adam Pascal, Anthony Rapp, Idina Menzel, Kristen Chenowith, John Lloyd Young are...etc! Have tons of shirts from past shows they've been in and proffessional ones they've seen as well! Have they're own make-up kits full of stage make-up. They know who Ben Nye is and love him for every thing he has created! Own some type of character/ dance/ dress shoes for shows! They get super excited to read Shakespeare in class and when reading it act it out perfectly and get angry with the other kids that can't act it out but would also rather see it performed! Would like to get an actors equity card one day and (if not already living there) would like to move into a New York City, East Village, Studio apartment like Mark and Roger from the hit braodway musical Rent! Is usually apart of The International Thespian Society!

I just saw Karen, the one drama nerd, in a cd store loooking at something called Wicked!!??!!

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