Dutch Flamethrower

What is Dutch Flamethrower?


Dutch Flamethrower (N);

The process of doing a "Dutch Flamethrower"

1. Eat anything that makes you get the squirts (A.K.A, diarrhea, liquid shit, "the wet shit", see shitfor more)

2. Select someone either in close proximity, or someone sleeping

3. Drop the pants, spread your cheeks and push like you giving birth through you ass.

4. Your shit should have a few feet in spread, and a range of a couple of feet so expect to get some other people as well.

What is a "Dutch Flamethrower?"

A Dutch Flamethrower is almost like a 12 gauge shotgun, but instead of shooting metal pellets, your shooting "organic" bullets. It is actually possible to light this on fire for extra effect, be careful though, it may travel up to your shit barrel and scorch it to hell. (No one likes a blistery ass hole)

Where did is come from?

The Dutch Flamethrower came from WW2. Were civilians fought guerrilla warfare with the Nazi's. The would climb up to the top of a building and follow the steps given above. But when distance is greater, it makes it into smaller pieces, which is easier to get inside you body. So they would shit on Nazis as they passed below, and they were getting killed by shit infection.


See shit, crap, diarrhea, world war


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