East Aurora

What is East Aurora?


East Aurora is a small town a half hour away from Buffalo, NY. It is home to Vidler's 5 and 10, the Bar Bill, and Fisher-Price. It is also home to some of the greatest and best people in the world, and not many people 'bolt outta here' as stated in the other definition. It is a great place to grow up, for there is literally nothing wrong with it. East Aurora is a safe, beautiful, friendly town where nothing ever goes wrong. I will live there until the day I die.

East Aurora is the greatest place ever! I'm SO HAPPY that i live here. I do not plan on bolting out of here!

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The mostt Ghetto, smallest town probably in the history of America. Known for subwayy && our drug infested schools, most people bolt outta here the day they graduate.


Fisher Price



Hampton inn


Pizza Hut

Boyz && Girlz club of East Aurora

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