Effed Up

What is Effed Up?


(adj) Remark about something that is fucked up when fucked up isn't cool enough, can't be said aloud without a parental shitstorm, or simply won't do.

Past-tense of the first letter of the word Fuck.

see also: F'd up.

That is really effed up how your parents are listening to our phone conversation. I was hoping we was gonna talk nasty before I eat dinner.

See effed, up, fucked, fuck, adj, frack, cool, shitstorm


Fucked up

Messed up

I got so drunk last night I was completely effed up.

Wow I got a C on my exam, -thats effed up.

See wrong, bad, unfair, screwed, perfect


The act of useing a substitute for the word fucked.

"Man did you see Mark?" "Yea he got effed up when he lost that bar fight."

See fucked, skrewed, banged, plowed, hurt


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