Elliot Smith

What is Elliot Smith?


The Way Douchers like to spell his name.

Its Elliott Smith asshole!

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Um anyone who wrote a definition is a fuckign idiot because Eliot smith is not a real person. However Elliott Smith is the best artist of our time. You can also call him Steve Smith if u want to get technical

IT'S ELLIOTT SMITH not Elliot Smith

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1. An entry on slangdefine in which there are actually more people bitching about people misspelling the name Elliott Smith than there are entries of people misspelling his name.

2. A misspelling of the crazy talented and most unfortunately now deceased neufolk artist. Little needs to be said except that if you don't at least acknowledge the nassive amount of talent he has, you're a giant douchebag.

Elliot Smith /Elliott Smith inspired me to learn guitar.

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A person who will only be remembered because his name is often misspelled.

I really love the music of Elliot Smith, but the lead singer sucks. I think his name's Eliot Smyth. They should replace him on the next album.

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Folk-rock singer who was considered one of the best songwriters of his generation. He was best known for his songs from the film "Good Will Hunting" and songs that focused on drug addiction, failed relationships, self-loathing, suicide etc. His music was very sad, indeed.

He started out as an indie singer in Portland, but gained more recognition when Gus Van Sant decided to use some of his songs from his 1997 album called "Either/Or" (which is probably his best album). Smith also wrote a song for the movie called "Miss Misery," which earned him an Academy Award nomination. Unfortunately, he lost to Celine Dion (It was the "Titanic" year).

Sadly, Smith took his own life in Fall of 2003 by plunging a knife to his heart. He was 34

Smith has done 6 albums; "Roman Candle," self-titled album "Elliott Smith," "Either/Or," "XO," "Figure 8" and a posthumous release called "From a Basement on a Hill."

People will still be listening to Elliott Smith 40 years from today.

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One of the greatest fucking artists ever.

Anyone who says otherwise should be shot.

Listening to Elliot Smith is like multable orgasms in your head!


the incorrect spelling of classic singer/songwriter elliott smith, often used by annoying girls searching desperately for acceptance.

oh em gee i just LAWV elliot smith!

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