Emo Pics

What is Emo Pics?


pictures taken by the "emo" kids.

*always of themselves


*wearing black

*wearing eyeliner

*looking down, to the side, or so deep into the camera it looks like they're about to cry

*sometimes wearing hoodies

*sometimes of their tatoos (usually little stars or hearts drawn on their joints)

*sometimes of their feet, wearing converse chucks

*usually with a caption only they find humorous/inspiering

i'll go home, cry in the coner of my bedroom and use my parent's digital cameras to take more emo pics of myself...

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On Xanga and Myspace, or other popular teen websites, you'll find what what has been deemed "the emo picture." Most, if they weren't too common, might actually find the picture to be splended. Others, however, find them to be annoying. They're usually the kids with 8,799 friends. To be an "emo" picture it has to consist of a few of the following

1. Hair in the eyes

2. Not really looking at the camera

3. Large sunglasses (optional)

4. Black & White (Sepia works well, also)

5. Some kind of pose, like positioning the camera over the head to make the torso appear longer and thinner

6. Large eyes rimmed with eyeliner.

7. Hoodies or band t-shirts

8. Sad looking expression

9. Holding up a sign such as "Die Scenester Die"

10. Some kind of drawing on their hands revealing a note to the world. Example: "I (heart) you"

11. In some weird location such as the bathroom sitting on the toilet

12. With another "emo" kid

13. Looking at the ground

14. Vans checkerboards or ratty Converses

((I'm speaking from experience. I am the so called "emo girl."))

The boy with large sad looking puppy eyes, black bangs in his face, and eyes rimmed in eyeliner is emo. Don't you notice the pose and how he's looking off to the side? If you look hard enough you can see the beginnings of an UnderOATH t-shirt. That is a classic example of "emo pics." Look around on Myspace.. and definately Xanga.

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