Evan Rachel Wood

What is Evan Rachel Wood?


Very very young impressionable girl with semi-acting career who got starstruck by Marilyn Manson.

Appeared naked in one of his videos howling like molested jailbait trying to fake an orgasm and making a complete ass out of herself.

Evan Rachel Wood will regret this when she gets older.

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A 20 year-old actress that isnt going anywhere, has no personality or style of her own, and is just plain annoying. Plans on launching a singing career like other try-hard actors. Will most likely be the death of Marilyn Manson.

Q: Why did the chicken cross the road?

A: To get away from Evan Rachel Wood.

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Evan is a young, beautiful and talented actress who somehow managed to get a large army of haters. This is most likely because of her relashionship with Marilyn Manson, and the fact that she was chosen over Ugly Von Teese in the Manson household.

Even though she is constantly critisized by the fans of Dita, it does not matter because everyone who has all their wits can clearly see that she is gorgeous, and incredibly gifted in both acting and singing.

Those Evan Rachel Wood haters are fuckin' retarded.

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The lead in the working title film Thirteen. She played Tracy Freeland. She starred in this role when she was 15 years old alongside Nikki Reedand Holly Hunter. Vanessa Anne Hudgensalso was in this film, as one of Tracy's friends.

Now she is 19, she is going out with Marilyn Manson and was featured in his music video Heart Shaped Glasses (when The Heart Guides The Hand) she has also been in Green Day's music video for Wake Me Up When September Ends.

#1. Have you seen Mansons video, Heart Shaped Glasses?

#2. No, why?

#3. Evan Rachel Wood is in it. She is hot!

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