What is Ewnf?


The visceral reaction of a woman inexplicably turned on by evidence of bad hygiene habits*

*See: Robert Pattinson

(i.e. When you cannot determine whether something is worthy of an EWW or an UNF)

Robert Pattinsonis basically EWNF personified

e.g. The peculiar sexual attraction to (or despite) his:

*plumes of dandruff

*rumoured overwhelming body odour

*unwashed greasy sex-hair

*shiteous nikes

*beanie (currently M.I.A.)


*musty never-washed clothing

*effeminine hands

*excessive diet-coke-and-hot-pocket-consuming and carrot-microwaving ways (because frankly ANY carrot-microwaving is excessive carrot-microwaving)

*beer-belly (currently M.I.A.)

*frequent drunk/stoned-like appearance

*happy trail

*chest pubes

*over-enthusiastic gum-chewing

etc etc.

See robert pattinson, eww, unf, sexual attraction


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