What is Facehooker?


The excessive act of trying to pick up on facebook

Mary the facehooker stalks guys on facebook until she has a date.

See facehook, facecreep, creeper, stalker, facebook


Someone who stays up late at night looking for people to "friend" on Facebook.

It was a busy night for Betty, a Facehooker in her prime, getting another twenty "friends" under her belt.

See facewhore, facehooked, facehooker


a girl or guy who sell themselves or participates in slutty activities on Facebook.

Olivia just asked Milton to have sex with her by posting "COME DO ME!" on his Wall.

Dude, what a facehooker.

See slut, whore, hoe, prostitute


Some one who friends everybody that they could possibly know on Facebook and comments and updates their status way too much.

God, MJ's mom is a real Facehooker, I met her once and she's already friended me and everyone I know.

See facebooker, facebook addict


a facebook member who uses facebook addictively, literally hooked to it or a member who uses it to solely get laid.

Mike: "Lets get on facebook and find you a date"

Eddie: "no way, I dont want to turn into a facehooker"

Mike: "Its not like you aren't already, your hooked to it almost 24/4"

See facebook, hooked, laid, user, addiction


One who gets around on the social networking site, Facebook. Typically, younger teenage sisters, flirting on multiple guys facebooks.

(A Facebook Slut)

" 'Cmon, Boosh is on in 2 minutes"

" Just wait! I have to finish facebooking Michael and Chad!"

" You Facehooker"

See face, book, hooker, social, network


A hooker, whos primary function is to sit on your face. Made famous in the 1956 show of boomtown

Rex Trailer: "Hey lookie' here we have a facehooker on the show today"

Child 1: "Ohhh I'd love it if you were to sit on my face, would you mind terribly?"

Facehooker: "no"

See face, hooker, slag, whore, prostitute, hoe


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