Fall Out Girl

What is Fall Out Girl?


a fan of Fall Out Boy, that not only wears a Fall Out Boy t-shirt, but has to wear the belt, messenger bag, tie, hat, socks, shoes, everything Fall Out Boy or Clandestine.

They worship Pete The Fall Out Boy. They disregard Andrew Hurley as Jesus, and worship Peter as so.

Lyke, oh my god. Dont you like talk about P3t3 lyke that. He feels for us all. He lyke wrotes such beautiful poems and is So Hawtt. Fall Out Girl is a gang.

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A 'fall out girl' is a typical fangirl of the band Fall Out Boy. They squee whenever they listen to Sugar We're Going Down, and basically talk like this:


Basically, they love the band for Pete, and only Pete. (and maybe his dick).

Fall Out Girls annoy the fuck out of me. :)

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A fan of Fall Out Boy, she has to have as many posters as possible and all of their merchandise. Fall Out Girls are like a little cult that follow Fall Out Boy. they are true fans of the band, not just fans of Pete Wentzbecause he is the 'hawt' one. Because he isn't it's so obvious that Andy Hurley is.

I am a Fall Out Girl, I am a true fan of Fall Out Boy

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A girl,usually aged anywhere between 10 to maybe 16. They say they 'love' Fall Out Boy, but they really only love Pete, and tend to hate Ashlee Simpson with a passion. When asked why, the blunt ones may just answer 'Cos she be stealing ma man!' but most will say because she is 'plastic and only wants Pete for his money.' They only own Infinity on High, or maybe own Take This To Your Grave, but it sits collecting dust.

But, there are some who are sly, and think they can talk about it with good punctuation, and plenty of 'I know I sound like a fan girl here' pieces when they write. These are the worst kind, because its so obvious.

Dumb/blunt fall out girl;

'Ugh I hate Asslee Shrimpson! She stole ma man!'

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