What is Farthead?


synonomous with butthead,butthole,asswipe...etc.etc

he's being some dumb, what a farthead

See stephanie


N. An extremely smelly or odorous person

2. One who has methane for brains

3. One who farts out of one's head

FFisfjdsddsd sdd djdjdjj !


1) A person that is a jerk.

2) A person who farts a lot.

3) A person who always smells bad.

1) That farthead wrote me off.

2) That farthead was at it again...

3) That kid who always smells is a farthead.

See jerk, meanie, stinkbomb, pervert, smelly


farthead - noun; an extremely stupid and easily led individual, one who simply goes along with the crowd.

"Look at the farthead next door - he just bought a new SUV to keep up with the Joneses down the street."


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