Fat Hoppin'

What is Fat Hoppin'?


1) The act of sleeping with a fat girl.

2) The act of a desirable male actively seeking a woman who is considered not only undesirable but rather large as well.

3) A sport in which a group of friends goes out to a bar or club to compete for the opportunity to have sexual intercourse with fat girls (this usually happens after one in the group is made fun of for having had sex with a fat girl, but then brags about her sexual prowess. Everyone knows a guy can't go on living knowing that a friend of his has had some sexual experience that he has no comparison for).

Randy: Man I can't believe you had sex with that manatee.

Mike: Whatever man it was soooo uh-mazin'.

Randy: Are you serious?

Mike: You've never been fat hoppin'? Are you serious? Everybody has to hook up with a fat girl at least once. They never know when they're gonna get it again so they give you everything they got.

Randy: Man let's go fat hoppin' tonight.

Mike: Hell yeah I'll buy the first round.

Randy: Sweet!!!

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