What is Feist?


Stage name of Canadian musician Leslie Feist. Her debut album, Monarch, was released in 1999. It has been her latest, however, Let It Die, that has garnered her critical acclaim.

She's known for her distinctive voice, which you really must hear to understand. Feist is also widely admired as a charismatic and attractive woman.

Along with her solo efforts supported by Arts & Crafts, she's also a part of the 15 member+ Broken Social Scene}.

Feist has the one of the most alluring voices you will ever hear.

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1- (verb) to sex someone up.

2- (noun) to engage in sexual intercourse with another person.

3- (noun) a word coined into language by josh and kristen.

1- "i want to feist you."

2- "we feisted last night."

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