What is F&f?


Food and fuck

What guys expect from you...but they probably won't get it, at least not on the first date


Fast and the Furious Movie

with Vin Diesel and Paul Walker.

Dude ! Did you see the new F&F movie ? It was so tight.

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Funyons & Faggots, refers to the loser Dungeons and dragons (D&D)guys. who usually smoke pot and fuck each other. the pot making them want funyons, the sodomy makes them faggots.

Thos F&F guys are weird.

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Friends and Family (group of people)

This cellphone package offers great F&F members call discounts but only if you register the members' phone numbers before hand.

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Fast and Firm. In the fraternity world it means a term of brotherly love, like sincerely or dear when you are signing off on a letter or email.

Joe, good job on the exam.



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Who the hell is this? You're scaring me, dude.


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