Finn Truth

What is Finn Truth?


A far-fetched and ridiculous lie/exaggeration usually told in the form of a story. The liar (or "Finn") will often talk about incredible feats accomplished by himself or wonderful events taking place. The Finn will then proceed to backtrack and make the lie sound more convincing by adding small believable details.

A Finns primary aim is to appear more interesting and promote himself.

The Finn Truth is followed by a dancing session and chanting "Chase the Sun - Planet Funk" loudly in an attempt to make others aware of the lie and humiliate the Finn

"The other day I sprinted for 7 miles to catch the train and got it"

"My dad was given a free private jet from his company but sold it and bet the money on the horses and won 3 Billion"

"On Friday I was in Dundrum Shopping Centre and I saw Chris Brown in a scrap with Colin Farrell and Bertie Ahern and I was like oh shit but then Brian O'Driscoll ran in and broke it up"

"Finn Truth!"

See lie, truth, farfetched, fake, legend


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