First Lady Assassins

What is First Lady Assassins?


Awesome band from Tulsa Oklahoma ( T-Town)

First Lady Assassins formed in 2006 in a basement. Band members consist of...

Brian Bolton (Guitar), Brent Blackburn (Drums), Jordan Coon (Vocals), Jeremy Crouch (Guitar), & Jason Hamilton (Bass)

First Lady Assassins myspace URL (myspace/flaband)


Uppers by day, downers by night.

i don't wanna go to work and i don't want to go to bed.

I don't need, fucking sleeep

I just need booze and speed.

Fuck you.

Less Punk Than you:

You listened back when LTJ was still ska

when punk was tuff not like the new Unwritten Law

See tulsa, oklahoma, t-town, fla


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