What is Flashbang?


a grenade used by special police units that produces a blinding flash

also having sex for a very short time, more commonly known as a "quickie"


"Stun Grenade" or "Flash Grenade" used by law enforcement. Combines a flash of light and a loud noise (imagine that) to startle, immobilize, or stun an enemy as the team makes entry.

It's also the grenade in CS that makes your screen go white for a full second. Desired use is associated with room clearing and pwning the other team, so why are my teammates the only ones who ever seem to use them on me?

I totally flashbanged my team and it won the game.


(Grenade, hand, stun). a less lethal grenade used by US police, as well as special forcesthe world over. Typically such grenades deliver 9 ear splittingly loud bangs and blinding flashes, which come half a second apart. These grenades stun and have a seriously immobilising effect. (From experience) your head seems uncapable of functioning, you cannot see strait (if at all) and you can hear nothing but ringing. The effects last a considerable time, and leave you with a banging headache. In a situation of use, such grenades would be tossed into a room to "prepare" them for a hostage rescue clearance.

a flashbang is tossed into the room.

B A N G !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Very very very loud, trust me! The occupants of the room are stunned and find themselves unable to do anything.

Then a four man assault team takes any terrorists prisoner or immobilises any firther threat before lining up the hostages for search and check.

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The sexual act of 3 guys forcing a female to service them at the same time. While one guy sticks it in her mouth, the other two have her jerk them off into her both of her ear holes. All 3 men finish by ejaculating at the same time so that the female's ability to see and hear are inhibited, much like a flashbang.

Person 1-Did you see Jessica last night? That hoe was stumblin around like a damn drunk. It was like she couldn't see or hear anything, like fuckin Hellen Keller!

Person 2-Yea dude, she got flashbanged by a couple of freshmen.

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After a long session of flirting and playing around when "blue balling" occurs you proceed to walk into the bathrooom and release the massive load of backed up semen into some toilet paper. When the pain has been releived you now proceed to sprint full force back into the room performing a baseball slide into the bed launching the semen covered toilet paper into the whores face.

Tom: Yo man how was that girl last night?

Victor: Bro she blue balled the shit out of me.

Tom: Haha, did you do anything about it?

Victor: Yea bro I flashbanged the shit out of that whore and her slutty roomate.

Tom: Damn, I was wondering what that flash was next door.

Victor: Yea that bitch got it good, UAV ONLINE.

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Once intercourse has ended, the male busts in the females eyes..thus rendering her sight, not being able to see, flashbanging her.

"I flashbanged the hoe after we fucked, she was blind and fell down the stairs"

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1. To fuck a girl really fast in any orpheus.

2. A stun grenade

Kevin flashbang my pussy please.

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