Fried Peas

What is Fried Peas?


A once great group of people in neopets. They occupied the AC boards with their daily and random chats. The beginning was wonderful, but then... ._.

none the less, fried peas gave a lot of people memories that should be cherished while others..well =/ people made a lot of friends there too. ;]

a fried pea is a fried pea

just like you and just like me

a fried pea may be small..

xD memories


It's a Neopetschat board thing. A group of (really cool) people who are supposed to talk about avatars, but sometimes stray off-topic...just a little...heh. It was invented by Jay and Noodleh.

Subject of chat message: "You Are Now Eligible to Use 'Fried Peas' As an Avatar on Neoboards!"


The president of the United States, for all Froof cares.

FRIED PEAS could be sittin' in the Oval Office, Froof, and you'd think it was all just HUNKY DORY!!!

See Iggy


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