What is F-town?


A slang term for a town in New Jersey where there is nothing to do except for going to the crap movie theater and going to Applebee's afterwords.

I wanna get the hell out of f-town.


A garbage town with two dozen Taco Bells, seven Chilis, an undereducated population, a low average income, sprawled development, and nothing to do but eat fast food and shop for meaningless shit. Essentially, what a majority of the United States will soon look like if a shift in priorities does not take shape.

Billy drove into an f-town Texaco when he realized he had a bad case of the green apple splatters.


Fresno, CA

Frisco, TX

Fayetteville, NC

Fairbanks, AK

Framingham, MA

santa Fe, NM

Fartville, USA


Slang term that refers to the town of Fleminton, New Jersey.

Theres a party in f-town tonight.


f town- a place where there is literally nothing to do... unless u love nugs and other drugs, then its not bad. Spoiled rich kids with nothing to do with there money so they spend it on any drug they can buy in hope that it will make the town seem better. watch out for narcs when entering this town.. FUCK THE RTPD

we smoke mad nugs in f-town everyday

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The Ghetto in the Meadow, Flagstaff Arizona

Represent F-Town

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a great place to come and do nothing with your life. We have plenty of good nugget though.

raritan township and f-town boro cops are the shadiest pig fuckers of all time! CONGRADULATIONS

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-Fenton, Missouri

-In the Suburbs of St.Louis

-Built around HWY 141

-used to make Fenton sound better than it is

-Downtown F-town consist of a Walmart, Target, a few grocery stores, and a few fast food places.

Where are you going for your spring break?----Man, I am going to F-Town.


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