What is Fuckaroo?


According to Stephen King in Dreamcatcher, fuckaroo means an extremely fucked up situtation, as opposed to fuckaree which means having a great time, usually but not necessarily, sexual.

Custer's last stand was one major fuckeroo for the US Cavalry.


A kind of sex version of Buckaroo. Usually played by a man wishing to get his ass dumbed by his girlfriend.

Whilst doing it Doggy style, shout out anothers girls name and then see how long you can stay on the bucking be-atch!

Daves girlfriend literally jumped out of bed when he sceamed his ex gilfriends name during sex... But he was happy to beat his 10second Fuckaroo record.

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A situation that is highly unpleasant and has a coercive nature. Like a bind or a jam

"Man, I can't believe you killed that midget. What a fuckaroo you got us into this time."

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1 Derived from fuck, fuckeroo defines a very fucked up situation, as opposed to a fuckerii, wich would define a good situation. - from the book and movie by stephen king dremcatcher

1 After she pulled out the paddle in handcuffs in bed, the perfectly good fuckerii turned into a horrible fuckeroo.

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