What is Fuck-me-honey?


a quality (or trait) of a person that plays on a person's sexual sences. Lately this trait has been used and exploited extensively to cause viewers (usually male) to "think with their dicks" instead of their brains.

1. believe it or not, I was doing research for a college arts class paper and I was paging thru some old back copies of Rolling Stonemagazine. A female journalist described Keith Richards as the "brilliant Rolling Stonesguitarist" who sings a tune lead ( once in a blue moon) with a "fuck-me-honey" voice. Yeah, that's right.(!)

2. Look at the lousy "diva" stars of the past number of years. Look at the female TV news reporters. Notice how stupidand empty-headed they are. Then look at the hatemongerAnn Coulter and the idiotic Susan Palin. Read the comments and blogs:

MILF, VPILF, GILF, oh WTF, hot for teacher, cougar, "I'd do her!", "I'd hit her!", and all that shit. It seems that if a female has good looks and that fuck-me-honey air to her then she is a STAR, a celebrity, a sensation. No good heart and no brains needed. However, Susan Palin didn't get to be Vice-President this year, did she? RATS!!!!! ; ) People were thinking with their ding dongs but that formula didn't work this time around.

Now who's slammingMcCain because her fuck-me-honey aura didn't get her where she wanted. Shut up. Go away. Is this a sign? Could the tide be turning at last? We can hope...


There's a bubble-headed bleach blonde, comes on at five

She can tell ya about the plane crash with a gleam in her eye

It's interesting when people die, give us dirty laundry...


4. At the beginning of one of the Porky's movies there is a neon sign animation where a sow pig lifts up her skirt and a male pig goes gaga on her. What's that spell?

See sex appeal, rocks off, empty, hee hee hee, t & a, muscles, locker room, dumb, fantasy, superconductor, got you by the balls, siren, bitch, dummy, idiot, ambition, cumdumpster, starfucker, girl next door, boy next door, slap the monkey, she bop, bop, ogle, bimbo, lunkhead


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