Furian Rap

What is Furian Rap?


Rap that is defiant in its nature, in its lyrics.

Concept launched by Flesh ODA, a french emcee, member of The OBF Rap band. Furian rappers are those who use countercurrent imagery and dark oxymora to convey human distress but also hope and allegiance..

"My rhymes are like a light in the dark, where the Torch of Light doesn't even leave a spark... See the will to kill is to great so I always be boiling like a furian."

"We gotta fight back The Evil House That Jack Built and bring back the essence of my Furian Rap"

"Life is like A Game of Chess and We playing the pawns. We furians strong warriors when the heat is on..."

See defiant, fury, concept, rap, coined, term, obf, flesh, oda, music, slang, lingo, riddick, philosophy


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