Gatorade Commercial

What is Gatorade Commercial?


Commercials that allow only real athletes about whom people care. The athletes in Gatorade commericals have proven themselves and dominate their sports. Athletes who are considered "pretty boys" and have had accidental success are excluded, and also athletes in non-credible sports are alkso excluded.

Peyton Manning, the University of Florida Football team, Kevin Garnett, and Mia Hamm are featured in Gatorade commercials because they are tremendous athletes who dominate their sports. Ironman Chris Legh is included because triathlon is the most intense sport, and his story of how gatorade enhanced his race is inspiring.

Athletes not in Gatorade commercials include tom brady because he is a mediocre pretty boy who has only gained success because of more talented teammates in a fail-proof system run by a coach who sold his soul to the devil. Also, no NHL players will be found in Gatorade commercials because no one in the United States cares about the nhl or hockey in general, as it is the most pointless sport ever created.

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