What is Gina?


A person deriving from the latin meaning 'Great'. This name often crops up in love poems as being the centre of love and is known for its soft sound when spoken.

A truly beautiful name.

Gina is the love that revolves around my once aching heart

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Girl (guys are ginos), and very italian. Normally they're pretty hot. They go to clubs, every week. They wear some of the hottest clothes there is, and always know were the parties are at. AKA the best girl to date!

WOAH! i just saw a gina and was like DAAAAAAYUMN. i wish my girlfriend was a gina.

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usually italian girl (guys are ginos) who are always in their club wear and know where the parties at.

Gina's are sikest broad, especially ones from Woodbridge!


Gina is Italian meaning "Great". They're normally cute, beautiful, pretty, hott & everything else!

"I wish my girlfriend was a Gina."

"I need a Gina in my life."

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Hardcore clubbing whore. Talks loudly. From an European background. Plasters on orange consealor, applys white cover up to lips. Chills on "Gino hill" in Canadas Wonderland then goes to Timmies in her boy friends civic.

Known to say;

"I wear tight azz parasuco jeanz,and lil belly topz,and im not taller then my boyfriend,

I live in Brampton,and i know solid guyz in woodbridge,

I go to colossus at least 2 timez a week,

and i drive my daddyz GSR!!!

i dont know anything about anything, but im certain that im good.

I wear adidaz/nike shoez almost everywhere i go.

i believe in everything tight at clubz,not baggy shit

i wear DIESEL.........not FUBU

i wear my clubgear everywhere i go.

im a loud mouth and not afraid to admit it, and yez my boyfriend wearz flarez and spendz more time on hiz hair then i do.

ginaz are the solidest brawdz,the FIRST ones to point out that some1 iz brutal..and the BEST dressed regardlezz of where they go.

And i pronounce it "All kynz", not "all kinds" when asked "were there any solid guyz at the club?"

I can proudly show dat im a gina by sitting in the front seat of my boyfriendz civic

acting like a prissy hoe iz mandatory

going to coffee shopz IZ a daily occurance.

our music iz,dance,freestyle,techno,tran ce,house and EURO

and stevie b IZ the best of all freestylerz.

Z-103.5 iz our station

and yez we use GLOWSTICKZ when we dance 2 our music

GINAZ are the sexiest bitchez

the FIRST chickz to start a catfight

and the BEST of brampton


"EvErY GiNa NeEdS a GiNo"

"LoVe Me? MiNt

HaTe Me? EvEn B3tTer

GuE$s WhAt? I g33v3 largely"

Geeve- Pronounced Gu-E-Ve

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a girl that likes to get freaky. often times gets what she wants no matter what. Loves kinky sex but also passionate at times. Usually a girl who has a nice arch in her back and a perfect ass. Medium skin tone with nice curves.

bob: what did you do last night?

george: i was with gina, it was a long night. pullin hair and spankin ass dude. Im exhausted! SHE WAS A REAL GINA

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In Toronto and the greater GTA a gina is the opisite of a gino. A girl usually of Italian desent that tries very hard to be cool. Often found wearing tight clothes, listening to gino beats, giving head, and looking "hot" in their boyfriend's civic.

Do you listen to beats??

Ew, do I look like a Gina to you??

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