What is Girum?


the smartest person in the world, an ethiopian by birth, but a true gangts at heart. he is an ethiopian version of jimmy neutron, only way smarter, and way more G. he is more g then anyone could ever even hope to be. he will mess you up if you try and get near him so back off or he will bust a cap in yo @$$! girum is g 2 da max.

"lets go hit on that chick over there"

"WTF!? no way man, thats girums chick, and he will mess you up with his ATP if you touch her"

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An ethiopian fail person who's diet consists of chicken, watermelon, purple drank, and ice cream from stenner glen's fridge. Also cannot quit wow to save his life. An artard

"Girum you gotta do your homework!"

"Shit I know, fuck my life."

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