Glen Benton

What is Glen Benton?


Glen Benton is some sick pwnage d00d from the band 'DEICIDE' and they play death metalz and dehy pwnnn!!!!! j0000000!!1eleven. Glen Benton plays bass guitar and sings and btw he PWNZz.

Bob Marley: Hey man...

Me: O hai! What's it like being pwnage and laid back?

Bob Marley: Well you are; aren't you?

Me: Hmm.. suppose... I do wear green/brown... and do need dreadlocks.. oh and I enjoy the works of Beethoven.

Bob Marley: Say. Do you like Deicide?

Me: DEICIDE!!?? FUCK YEHH!!!!!!!

Bob: Yeah man...

Glen Benton: Hey what you guys talking about?

Me and Bob: err nothing

Some randomer sitting by us: You.

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