What is G-love?


G-Love from the band G-Love and Special Sauce. He is particularly good looking and can play the harmonica and guitar at the same time.

That song G-Love played at the Jack Johnson concert last year was amazing.


as in a g-lover... one who hits the g-spot

Damn that g-love made me scream last night!


good + love = g-love


gangsta + love = g-love

i G-LOVE you. means i Good Love you because something people dont fucking mean it when they say thos three fuckign words "i love you".

Gangsta Love is used for a gangsta because i dont fucking know. When you is a gangsta you want to be gangsta all the time so "i G-L0VE you" is the best way to say it to someone you love without being all nice & soft.

See yo mama


as in G-Lover.... one who hits the g-spot

I got me some g-love last night that made me scream!


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