What is Greedy?


1. To want more and more than what you really need.

2. When a ping pong game is really close, getting greedy refers to taking huge risks in order to gain a point.

1. I want that and that and that and that and that and that...

2. a)Dave--> I should get greedy to win!

b) Don't get greedy! It's too risky!


Being greedy is to want more than you need. Not necessarily a bad thing especially when living in a materialistic/capitalist society. Being greedy in its self is not bad. Doing bad things to satisfy your greed is what makes it horrible sometimes.

I already make 100,000 a year.

I want to make 1,000,000 a year.

Being greedy isnt really bad now is it?

(This is just an example, I dont make near that much)

See ambitious, selfish, capitalist


someone who is bisexual

Hey, guess who I found out is greedy.

See bisexual, want, glutten, everything, all



(slang) (adj) Greedy is a slang term used primarily by girls to describe rivals to their potential mates. It is most commonly used as a mild racial slur, but can extend into other meanings as well.

For example, a black woman would label a white woman who dates primarily black men as greedy. Basically implying that the white girl is not satisfied with the over-abundance of potential white suitors at her disposal, and has begun dating black men when she really has no reason to.

Again, a straight woman might label a lesbianor bisexual woman as greedy, if she catches said woman dating a man she finds attractive.

This term might also be applied to a gay man, if his current boyfriend is bisexual, and extremely attractive Though this usage is rare.


(n) Greedy is also a sexual orientation. (see bisexual)


(adj)Somebody who is rarely satisfied with what they already have.


Latina1: What is Mary doing all over Hector?

Latina2: That slut is so greedy. Why can't she leave our men alone?

Girl1: Isn't Stacie a dyke? Why is she going to prom with Derek? What is her problem?

Girl2: She is just plain greedy, that's what her problem is.

Woman: Raoul, Why can't you leave Andrew alone and find yourself a real homo? Stop being so greedy!!


Girl: So, are you gay or straight?

Guy: Neither, I'm greedy.


Boy: Porky is so greedy. He ate half of that pizza all by himself. I didn't even get a single slice.

See bisexual, gay, slut, whore, bitch


To Want Both sexes as opposed to just male or Femal, Bisexual.

I thought everyone knew angelina jolie was greedy, she likes the fellas' and the ladies.

See bi, bisexual, male, female, both ways


A woman who has the look that shes always up for a bit of jiggery pokery (sex), basically she looks like filth.

She's so greedy she had the whole footy team

See sellers


see the word moral

Yay for selfishness!


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