Gutter Hippy

What is Gutter Hippy?


A variation ofGutter Punk,Guttter hippies are indigenous to California's coastal communities. Usually running in small packs, they tend to congegate around cafes and coffeshops. Males, agressive in nature, are distinquished by dreadlocks, and other extreme displays of unkempt hair, the smell of sweat mixed with sage and pachoulli, and an absurd sense of entitlement. Females tend to be passsive, and more at ease in thier environment than the males they attach themselves to. Surving on handouts of coffee,tea,and bummed cigarettess, Gutter hippies rarely have money of thier own, as they are unemployable due to an unwillingness to work. Expert panhandlers, Gutter hippies also excel at hacky sac, drug dealing, and petty theft.

Another disillusioned child of suburbia, a gutter hippy tends to be caucasion and of northern European ancestory.

See bums, slackers


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