Gym Prep

What is Gym Prep?


Gym Preps can be defined as anyone who wears Hollister shirts, blue jeans, and an American Eagle baseball cap to the gym to work out. Gym preps are low on the peg of life seeing as they obviously weren't invited to the two girls party. Instead they choose to come to the gym and work on their biceps. Gym Preps will spend almost %100 of their gym time in the bicep section. They will most often be doing standing up exercises with the curl bar. Gym Preps are not strong with the exception of their biceps which are noticeable underneath their extremely tight hollister henley, and usually aren't accompanied by anyone.You rarely get a look at their face because it is concealed by an American Eagle baseball cap. If you observe a gym prep from the the time he walks into the gym to the time he leaves only about three minutes will have elapsed. (Just enough time to rest between sets of squats.) He will walk in, look around for a minute or two then walk over to the curl bar rack. He'll pick up the heaviest one, see if he can do it then set it down when he relizes he can't. He'll continue this process until he finds a suitable one. He will do eight reps, set it down and then walk out of the gym.

"Yo man, look at that gym prep over there."

"yea hes doing a set of curls"

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