H. Mantooth

What is H. Mantooth?


A man (if you can call it that) shrouded in mystery, he is rumored to own a large contracting empire where contractors collect young boys for his pleasurable tasks…

His main line of work is film directing, which he directs most of them in his hidden film studio in his basement. He is credited with having such actors as Jet Li, and Jackie Chan. Some films are Dey-Eighteen Volume 5: Doctor H Examines Wing and Volume 12: Wing is a Tasy Treat. Due to the nature of his films, they are only available through illegitimate streams in North America, but in his China they are the biggest fad since Chairman Mow. It is also believed that he is able to traverse large distances quickly without being seen, which is how he attains most of his clients. Some other names he goes by are H Man, Hraurence, H-Daddy and the H. Some related words are H. Vantooth, and H-Cannon.

“Come on Wing” “The H-Cannon is ready!” “Stay the fuck Away from my son!”

“Ah Ing Baes?”


H. Mantooth is everything mankind wishes it was...or wasn't. H. Mantooth is a Doctor, a mass murderer of Spartan-class Marines, an intellect with an intelligence equivalent to 1000 Einsteins (yes, THE Albert Einstein), and was seen dating your mother in the last issue of People Magazine. However, H. Mantooth is also a rapist of his 2 sons. This, however, is a different story. He is part of the same family that Reggie Mt. resides from. He is also one of the leading researchers on OPERATION: Paste Project.

"Curse you, H. Mantooth!!"

"H. Mantooth will bring mankind into the 21st century, that is only if you sit back and watch it happen."

"H. Mantooth signed my hand! Now I'm spiffy."

"Mantooth could take on Al Queida by himself - providing he submits George W. Bush to their audiences and strikes in the background"

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