What is Habs?


"Les Habitants", term of endearment for the Montreal Canadiens

The habs slaughtered the leafs last night, eh?


The most annoying and pointless team in the NHL. Fans of this team tend to focus more on their hatred towards the Toronto Maple Leafs rather than supporting their own team and constantly boo their own players out of the city when they have a few bad games.

The habs are notorious for signing good players and somehow turning them into terrible hockey players until they are traded to the Colorado Avalanche, ie. Patrick Roy, and soon to be, Carey Price.

man 1: How about those habs?

man 2: who gives a shit?

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(A group of) husbands and boyfriends. See WAGs.

England's HABs used the presence of their WAGs in Germany as an excuse for their poor showing in the 2006 World Cup, when really they just played shit.

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cigarettes, squaries, smokes, etc. A word that is basically derived from "habits' obviously used to describe the addictive quality of smoking cigarettes.

"hey man, did you see where my habs ran off to?" "i just got back from the store, i needed to get some habs"

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HABS- an acronym for Hot Anal Butt Sex. invented at Penn state by science fair competitors, the term was coined online when i got tired of typing the whole thing all the time.

-You know what? why don't you just lie the hell down and gimme some HABS?!

-Excuse me?

-I said quite an interesting opinion you have.

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