What is Hadleigh?


Hadleigh is a small town in rural Suffolk ten miles West of Ipswich, although there is another town in neighbouring Essex called this.

Hadleigh has only two (very lame) credits to its name.

1. Cradle Of Filth originated from there. (I once sold Danny Filth a crappy VCR - cheap bastard)

2. Katy Hill, an ex Blue Peter presenter, was married in a church in Hadleigh. It was attended by such high profile celebs such as "H" from Steps.

That's it. Nothing else has ever happened in Hadleigh. Ever.

Guy 1: So where do you live?

Guy 2: Hadleigh dude.

Guy 1: Where?

Guy: Hey girl, you wanna come back to mine?

Girl: Sure, where do you live?

Guy: Hadleigh.

Girl: .....Fuck....off.....right....now.

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